Haircut & Style

All Around Fade

A fade that goes completely around the head. The shorter the fade is on the sides the longer the haircut will last. Also comes in the high, low, or mid level. This is what you could consider the standard style haircut. 

Burst Fade

a burst fade is similar to a Mohawk in terms of it being faded on the side. But the distinct difference is that the burst fade isn't as high of a fade as the Mohawk. And usually contours the side of the shape up. keeping it darker because of the fade being in a circle style over the ears. As well, the burst fade can be used with multiple necklines including pointed. These look best with a bald or shadow fade simply because the faded area is smaller so more contrast is needed if you would like to pop. These haircuts can last fairly long simply because the dark edges keep the haircut crisp and free of your regrowth on the hairline (if there is any)


generally brought up pretty high but can be kept at a mid level and still look fairly clean. The biggest difference is that the fade is not contoured around the hairline.  Although round and squared necklines can be used a pointed neckline fits the hairstyle best. 

Wave Cut

depending on hair texture, this cut is either a 1 or a 1.5 all around cut WITH the direction of the hair growth(darker then a 1/1.5 AGAINST). Then cleaned up with a low to mid taper  on the sides and back. High tapers can be used but beware the higher the taper the more it will cut into the wave pattern

Even Cut/Ceasar

one length all around with a shape up.