Hair Services & Rates


 Haircut & Style

The Haircut & Style includes a specific haircut and style of your choosing and a straight razor lineup to keep you looking mint.

From a basic shape up to a more intricate cut and style. I have experience With it all. Learn more below or schedule your Appointment.

Haircut & Style Cost: $30.00 (45 mins)


Tapers and Fades

The taper hair cut is when the hair is longer on the top and sides, and It gets shorter down At the temples and nape only.

The fade haircut Is best described as shortEr hair on the sides all the way around Including behind the ears.  There is more gradIence As you move to the Longer hair on top. The Fade is a more drastic form of the taper haircut. I offer a taper/Fade combo, burst fade, & all around fade. a fade with nothing off the top is still normal price

Tapers and Fades : $30.00 (45min)


Beard Cut, Trim & Line-up

With Beards being a new booming hair trend I perfected the art of the beard cut and trim. Beards are your pride and joy! Don't risk someone else messing that up for you.

Beard Cut, Trim & Lineup: $25.00 (20 mins)


Full Shave

The Full Shave Includes both the Scalp Shave & Facial Shave. Each of these services could be performed Separately.

Full Shave: $60.00 (1.5hr)

FUll Scalp Shave: $40.00 (1hr)

Full Face Shave: $30.00 (30 Min)


Line Up/Edge Up

If you just need a freshen up to make your Hair Cut or Style look Crisp again. Look no further.

neck,ear, and hairline are all three lined up  using professional style trimmers and razor sharpened edges to finish off the service. Beard and goatee edge ups are optional and additional. All edge ups and haircuts include a razor lining.

Lineup: $20.00 (15 min)


Kids Haircut

All Kid's haircuts include a cut, Style & Lineup.

Kids Haircut: $20.00 (1 hr)



Add Ons

Looking to put a little exta on your Haircut, try these add-ons


Premium Line-up

there Are many reasons for this add-on service. Whether your thinning a bit in the front or you just simply prefer an extra crisp edge up. This is the service for you. Generally lasts anywhere between 2-4 days depending on at home maintenance.

Scalp & Beard Treatment

The scalp and beard treatment add-on includes essential oils and moisturizers massaged into the fkin for a refreshing cherry on top of your service.